• Workstation Flat Fee Repair (Labor, Parts not included, Service Code – IWORKSTATIONFF): $ 154.00
  • Security Checkup (Anti-Virus Removal, Internet Security, Spyware Removal, Software not included, Service Code – IAVREM): $ 103.00/Hour
  • Home Networking Setup (Router Configuration, Workstation connection to network via network card and/or wireless Setup for up to three computers, Hardware not included, Service Code – INETHSETUP): $ 207.00
  • Workstation Network Configuration (Troubleshoot Network Connection Issues, Hardware not included, Service Code – IWKSNETSETUP): $ 104.00
  • Windows Operating System Troubleshooting (Service Code – IOSREPAIR): $ 99.00/Hour
  • Software Installation (Service Code – ISWINSTALL): $ 47.00/software title
  • Other services and pricing will be furnished upon request.
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